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Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP Specialist

Dr. Amrish Patel

Physiatrists located in McDonough, GA & Marietta, GA

Platelet-rich plasma is a medical preparation that uses a patient’s own blood to speed the natural healing process. At the Sports and Spine Institute, Dr. Patel and his staff are excited to offer this cutting-edge technology to patients in Marietta and McDonough, GA and the greater Atlanta area.

Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP Q & A

What types of treatments are available using platelet-rich plasma therapy?

Many people first become aware of platelet-rich plasma therapy when they hear of a professional athlete who has pursued this treatment option. Tiger Woods may be the most well-known example and reportedly made use of PRP therapy to address knee pain and an issue with his Achilles tendon. PRP is used to treat acute injuries to the muscles and ligaments, chronic tendon injuries and even fractures. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also being integrated into various surgical procedures, although research on the efficacy of PRP to speed healing related to surgery has not yet been thoroughly documented within the medical community.

How does PRP therapy work?

Therapy begins with the careful manufacture of the PRP solution, which begins by drawing blood from the patient who is seeking treatment. Next, centrifugation is used to separate platelets from other cells found within the blood. Platelets are a crucial component of blood’s clotting ability, but they also contain proteins known as growth factors. After being subjected to centrifugal force, a concentration of platelets is created, which is then reintroduced back into a smaller volume of the patient’s own blood. Finally, the growth factor-rich solution is carefully injected into the area where improved healing is desired. PRP is a cutting-edge medical intervention and is still being put through a rigorous research process. Researchers are not entirely sure exactly how PRP works to improve healing, but outcomes are promising. PRP therapy is becoming highly sought-after, not only by celebrity athletes, but as a course of treatment for various types of injuries and ailments. Many people are drawn to PRP because it makes use of the body’s natural substances to promote and support the process of healing.


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